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What is The Looov?

The Looov is a blog that is sometimes funny, sometimes serious, and sometimes seriously funny.

Here at The Looov we (by “we” I mean “me“) embody the highest standards of excellence and take no shortcuts or let anything at all get in the way of providing top quality content, except for maybe impatience, laziness, lack of drawing skills, immaturity,
poor grammar and a predilection for swearing, but other than that, top quality content is The Looov guarantee!

Take a look at this example from the comic
“Spiders Are Fucking Amazing!” and take note of the extensive character development expressed through the kind of eloquent phrasing and touchingly intimate dialogue
that you can expect here at
The Looov:

spider bird bros 1.5

We here at The Looov use the latest most advanced technology and the finest most up to date in online comic graphic design tools.

finger tracking pad

Here at The Looov we offer the highest humanity has to offer
in fine art and intelligent humor.
You won’t find any cheap gags or gimmicks here!

Gnome On The Range labeled

Each comic or blog entry must first pass
through an intense and rigorous idea development process…

aarvark egg

We here at The Looov
have extremely high standards of quality control…

screw that

…and each comic must also be thoroughly scrutinized by  a panel of experts that is continually “refined”.

People Page 3

Ok, so now that you know our creative process
or “magic” as we like to call it here,
let’s introduce you to the cast of characters…

dude been a week

We’ve just been informed that because it’s only been a little over a week we don’t have a cast of characters.
Perfect! Are you ready to witness some magic?
We here at The Looov have no problem
creating (or Magicating as we call it) new characters
right here before your very eyes!

 OK, our first character is:

The Asshole:
The Asshole

Hey, that was easy!
Let’s see what other characters we can magicate.

 Ok so uh, next we have… Oooo got it!

Character number 2:




Well, there you go! I think we are off to a great start don’t you?

We here at The Looov like to wrestle
with the deeper meanings of life,
unravel the complex hidden inner workings of existence,
and explore the intricate web of reality
through a wide range of emotional and philosophical ruminations partnered with a natural ability to develop an empathic connection with our audience while answering the most profound metaphysical questions
that have plagued man (and woman) kind for millennia…

 For example:

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Question mark

To get to the Apple store on the other side…

later bitches upper right

We here at The Looov are also working around the clock
to solve all the worlds biggest problems such as:

World hunger?

Eat some food monkeypus shirt


Eat some food gnome shirt


eat some food squirrel shirt


eat some food Chicken flip shirt

Weight loss?

eat some food dont spider bird shirt

See? Easy.
(See all those shirts above? They are for sale!)

Oh and one more thing:
We here at The Looov
are not only in the business of making fine art
and insightful life changing observations,
we are in the business of making your
wildest dreams come true, and that’s a promise!

turtleeagle 1